I'm a graphic designer based in Rotterdam.

Being obsessed with bright colours, using them works as a tone of voice. It's a natural attraction or maybe even an addiction.
Through my work I raise the questions that I have about the world around me, while also acting as a mirror to whoever looks at my work. I love thinking about new concepts and ideas and I aim to show a different perspective.
I would love to talk about your company, organisation, institute or art and how graphic design can help to make us and others think differently. I like to work in a wider graphic design field which can vary from printed matter to webdesign, or whatever we can come up with!

For any inqueries, collaborations or coffee meetings:
+31 (0) 619 029 765

Willem de Kooning Academy
Graphic Design Bachelor, 2016 - current

University of Northampton
Graphic Communication Honours Program, 2016

SintLucas Creative Community
MBO Media Design, 2012-2016

Studio van Onna
Graphic Design & animation intern
april 2019 - july 2019

Graphic design intern
february 2019 - april 2019

Graphic design intern
sept 2015 - dec 2015

Daydream Designs
Graphic design intern
sept 2014 - jan 2015


Invisible Planets

What does it feel like to be stuck in a cycle?
Concept & publication
Invisible Planets & Folding Beijing
by Hao Jingfang

A publication that explores the endless cycle of repetition, habit and patterns.

This book is a reflection of our planet.
This book is a reflection of generations.
This book is a reflection of habits.

"The truck drivers, tired and hungry, admired the endless cycle of urban renewal."

"And so, such a simple cycle turns out to be the entirety of the meaning of ceaseless travels."

From the Bottom Up

Should discontent be adressed in
an aggressive way?
Concept & branding

Concept for a new ideology that adresses anti-socialness during concerts. The ideology is based on a bottom-up approach: to each take responsibility for our own actions and try to make a situation better by looking at the inside, rather than kicking what is around you.

All the posters and flyers are based on three aspects of concerts: the audience, the artist and the venue. They correspond to three documents: the ticket, the setlist and the hospitality rider.
All of them are A4 printed pieces of (disposable) paper. This is applied to all the elements as well: easy to print, easy to distribute to it is easy to participate.

To contrast with the aggressive 'punk' aesthetic, the design focusses on an open and kind look.


How does the music industry look at women?
Concept & publication

A zine that explores the view on women in the music industry, focusing on the (alternative) guitarheavy industry. All the images in the zine are subverted from ads for guitar brands such as Fender or Silvertone or guitar magazines and stock photography. By manipulating these images, the meaning of the images changes to reveal the way women are looked at in this particular culture.

This zine was remade in a smaller issue and displayed at an International Women's Day event in de Kroepoekfabriek in Vlaardingen.

The Efficiency in Patience

Can coffee inspire us to take it slow?
Design process & identity

The coffee circle effect used to be a big problem in the inkjet industry. Nowadays, printers don't allow this effect to happen but what if its aesthetic is celebrated? In order for the stain to appear and the edges to get really pronounced, you need the exact thing that coffee doesn't provide us: patience.

When working with coffee, you can't ignore the connections of hard work, efficiency, productivity, no sleep and most of all, stress.
All things that are probably not that foreign for a graphic designer.

With the Efficiency in Patience as an extremely slow printing process, it tests patience. It is a critique on how coffee influences our daily routine by using it against itself and forcing inefficiency as a new way of working.

Twee Maal Twee is Één

How do I combine two internships in one publication?
Internship(s) report

A publication that perfectly divides, compares and combines two different internships at two different studios: Glitterstudio & Studio van Onna. The publication is a double fold, that represents the division between the two studios. It also refers to the both the studios working in a duo, forming one company. But most of all, it shows how two studios can be the inspiration for one new studio.

Thanks to Jana & Caitlin from Glitterstudio, and Nikki & Laureline from Studio van Onna.

This Is Not For Sale

How sustainable is my shopping behaviour?
Installation & Web

Do you really need that red sweater when you already have three in your existing wardrobe? Reflecting on the current disposability culture, This Is Not For Sale invites to join and put a halt to purchasing clothes and shifting the focus to the clothes already purchased.

After prohibiting myself to not buy any new clothes for the duration of this project (three months), through analysing and categorisation I criticise my own consumerist behaviour and exposing this through an installation. Each clothing hanger represents a piece of clothing, presented with all the specific categories on the front and the conclusions of my research on the back.
The posters come with a QR code that when scanned takes the reader to a website with a manual, explaining how to follow a specific method to do the same research and find out more about their own behaviour.

Studio Yave

How do two worls collide?
Concept & Identity

For the new identity for Yasmin Veenman's digital strategy studio under the alias Studio Yave, I wanted to put the focus on different aspects of contrasts in her practice. Professional yet playful, working on digital platforms yet loving tangibility, on the border between corporate and arts & culture. I used vibrant colours reflecting on Studio Yave's ambitions to work within the cultural field in two contrasting primary colours and plain typography to balance with simplicity.

And how can it get more contrasting than silkscreening businesscards for a digital strategist?

Don't Forget to Keep Breathing

Can we keep up in a fast paced society?
Exhibition campaign & signage

Don’t Forget To Keep Breathing is an exhibition organised by a group of the Critical Studies Minor each working with themes varying from our urge to find happiness, what stress can do to our bodies, why we romanticise the act of writing, how our attention span changed due to technology and why we keep consuming more and more. The exhibition shines light on our struggles to keep up due to a fast paced society with work varying in subject, approach and medium.

The visuals of the exhibition reflect on the struggle and frustration, displaying each artist’s handwritten scribble that connects from the poster to their work in the space.